Date of publication: 20.09.2018

The Natec Panther speakers are a new product. At first sight they are a standard product, but in reality they do possess something rarely found among non-expensive speakers – wooden casing.

When looking at high-end speakers one might think that nearly all of the products share wooden or MDF-board constructions. This is supposed to grant them a more natural, warmer sound. By equipping the Natec Panther with an MDF-board casing, the manufacturer is granting these compact speakers a huge advantage over their competitors.

The company also installed large, 52 mm transducers, in the device, which generate warm and soft sound. Their total power is 6 W, 3 W for each channel. Additionally, the Natec Panther is equipped with bass reflex openings, which increase its capability when lower tones are concerned.

The volume control is placed on the cord, providing a convenient form for volume control. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the fact that the speakers are USB powered, they are perfect for accompanying laptops. In order to provide more membrane durability, the Natec Panther uses a metal cover, which at the same time increases its aesthetic value.